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2017-2018 Under 15s
Head Coach Dusty Hare
Assistant Coaches Costel Ciobanu, Kevin Raine and Symon Spence
Manager Anthony Aarons and Niki Aarons
Sun 10:00 - 12:00
Wed 18:30 - 20:00
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Sun 02-Sep-18: Coaching
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Match Report: 20-May-18: U15s 35 Eastleigh 26 (a)
Match Report: 20-May-18: U15s 28 Winchester 5 (a)
Match Report: 20-May-18: U15s 19 Barbarians 24 (a)
Match Report: 20-May-18: U15s 0 Newbury 36 (a)
Match Report: 20-May-18: U15s 5 Tottonians 40 (a)
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Sun 02-Sep-18: Coaching
Club Registration
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 2012-2013 U10s   Chichester Tournament Champions
 2011-2012 U9s   New Milton Festival Runners-Up
   Winchester Emerging Players Tournament Cup Runners-Up
   International Tournament Cup Runners-Up
 2016-2017 U14s   Club Top Points Scorer   Thomas Hare
   Managers Player   Lewis Street
   Players Player   Alex Cripps
Myles Whittenham 35T 5C 185 
Edward Hopkins 12T 8C 76 
Luke Simmons 10T 3C 56 
Kieran Lyster 6T 5C 40 
Ross Miller 5T 25 

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2014-2015 U12s
Hampshire Cup 2015
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Dusty Hare
2011-2012 U9s
Hampshire Cup Andover 2012
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Dusty Hare
2010-2011 U8s
Result: U8s 20 Winchester 20 (a)
Chichester tournament games
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Dusty Hare

Date Type HA Opponents WLD F A Scorers Report
20-May-18 Gosport & Fareham 7s A Horsham Lost 21 43 Thomas Hare (2T 2C)
Frazer Mackenzie (1T 1C)

20-May-18 Gosport & Fareham 7s A Tottonians Lost 5 40 Joe Spence (1T)

20-May-18 Gosport & Fareham 7s A Newbury Lost 0 36
20-May-18 Gosport & Fareham 7s A Barbarians Lost 19 24 Thomas Hare (1T 1C)
Patrick Bonner (1T 1C)
Billy Tait (1T)

20-May-18 Gosport & Fareham 7s A Winchester Won 28 5 Junior Jobe (1T 1C)
Thomas Hare (1T 1C)
Frazer Mackenzie (2T 2C)

20-May-18 Gosport & Fareham 7s A Eastleigh Won 35 26 Billy Tait (1T 1C)
Joe Spence (3T 3C)
Thomas Hare (1T 1C)

06-May-18 Friendly H Reigate Won 85 10 Thomas Hare (1T 8C)
Joe Spence (2T)
Finley Archer (3T)
Charlie Davies (1T 1C)
Billy Tait (2T 1C)
Domeniks Grigalciks (2T)
Jack Broadbridge (1T)
Frazer Mackenzie (1T)
29-Apr-18 Friendly A Old Richians Lost 17 37 Frazer Mackenzie (1T)
Joe Spence (1T)
Lewis Street (1T)
Thomas Hare (1C)

28-Apr-18 Friendly A Cheltenham Lost 12 36 Alfie Aarons (1T 1C)
Billy Tait (1T)

22-Apr-18 New Milton 7s A Gosport & Fareham Lost 12 19 Thomas Hare (1T 1C)
Oliver Frazer (1T)

22-Apr-18 New Milton 7s A Chalton Lost 26 31 Frazer Mackenzie (3T 2C)
Thomas Hare (1T 1C)

22-Apr-18 New Milton 7s A Tottonians Lost 0 35
22-Apr-18 New Milton 7s A Ringwood Won 29 5 Alfie Aarons (3T 2C)
Thomas Hare (1T)
Frazer Mackenzie (1T)

22-Apr-18 New Milton 7s A Chalton Won 31 10 Thomas Hare (1T 1C)
Oliver Frazer (2T 1C)
Frazer Mackenzie (1T 1C)
Billy Tait (1T)

08-Apr-18 Hants League U15 H Ellingham & Ringwood Won 24 21 Alfie Aarons (1T)
Finley Archer (1T)
Oliver Frazer (1T)
Frazer Mackenzie (1T)
Joe Spence (2C)

25-Feb-18 Hants League U15 A Winchester B Lost 19 36 Alfie Aarons (1T)
Frazer Mackenzie (1T)
Joe Spence (1T)
Patrick Bonner (2C)

18-Feb-18 Hants League U15 H Bognor Lost 22 24 Thomas Hare (1T 1C)
Finley Archer (1T)
Charlie Davies (1T)
Oliver Frazer (1T)

11-Feb-18 Friendly H Vectis Lost 19 57 Frazer Mackenzie (2T)
Billy Tait (1T)
Thomas Hare (1C)
Oliver Frazer (1C)

28-Jan-18 Friendly A Haslemere Lost 0 38
14-Jan-18 Hants League U15 A Farnborough Lost 7 42 Frazer Mackenzie (1T)
Thomas Hare (1C)
26-Nov-17 Friendly H Alton Won 62 19 Alfie Aarons (2T)
Amir Choudhury (2T)
Frazer Mackenzie (2T)
Billy Tait (2T)
Finley Archer (1T)
Thomas Hare (1T 5C)
Joe Spence (1C)
12-Nov-17 Hants League U15 A Havant Lost 19 34 Billy Tait (1T)
Domeniks Grigalciks (1T)
Frazer Mackenzie (1T)
Thomas Hare (2C)

05-Nov-17 Hants League U15 H Fordingbridge-Overton Won 61 5 Frazer Mackenzie (1T)
Joe Spence (1T)
Oliver Frazer (1T)
Ben Jones (1T)
Billy Tait (2T)
Alfie Aarons (1T)
Domeniks Grigalciks (2T)
Dylan Hughes (1T)
Thomas Hare (3C)
08-Oct-17 Friendly H Ellingham & Ringwood Won 44 22 Alex Cripps (1T)
Alfie Aarons (2T)
Joe Spence (3T)
Domeniks Grigalciks (1T)
Billy Tait (1T)
Thomas Hare (2C)

17-Sep-17 Hants League U15 H Farnborough Lost 5 43 Frazer Mackenzie (1T)

10-Sep-17 Competitive H Farnborough Missing
24-Sep-17 Competitive Hants League U15 Missing
10-Dec-17 Competitive A Ellingham & Ringwood Missing
07-Jan-18 Competitive Hants League U15 Missing
18-Mar-18 Competitive A Winchester Missing