Important: Concussion
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How to recognise the signs of Concussion. All concussion incidents must be reported to Hants RFU within 48 hours.

Also see uploaded file HRFU Concussion Report Form

Concussion Incidents must be reported to Hants RFU within 48 hours using the HRFU Concussion Report Form, email or call 01329 833 022.  

Signs to watch for
Problems could arise over the first 24 – 48 hours. The athlete should not be left alone and must go to a hospital at once if they:

  • Have a headache that gets worse
  • Are very drowsy or can’t be awakened
  • Can’t recognise people or places
  • Have repeated vomiting
  • Behave unusually or seem confused; are very irritable
  • Have seizures (arms and legs jerk uncontrollably)
  • Have weak or numb arms or legs
  • Are unsteady on their feet; have slurred speech

Remember, it is better to be safe.
Consult your doctor after a suspected concussion.

Other important points:

  • Rest (physically and mentally), including training or playing sports until symptoms resolve and you are medically cleared
  • No alcohol
  • No prescription or non-prescription drugs without medical supervision
  • Specifically:
    • No sleeping tablets
    • Do not use aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication or sedating pain killers
    • Do not drive until medically cleared

Do not train or play sport for 28 days until medically cleared by a registered healthcare professional